Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Jewelry from Psychedelic Waterfall on Etsy!

"Green Queen Beach Glass Necklace" is made with predominantly green glass and stone beads, shells and a light green beach glass pendant and is strung on clear, plastic cord, a scene stealer of a fabulous necklace $30 plus shipping~ available here in my etsy store.

 "Pink Elegance Beaded Necklace" A, elegant, dream of a long necklace: Jobes Tears, faux pearls, stone and glass beads and shells strung on a clear, plastic cord with a crystal, triangular pendant in the middle in predominantly pink tones, a statement piece $30 plus shipping in my Etsy Store called "Psychedelic Waterfall".

"Swirly, White Seaglass Pendant" is in my Etsy store, too:
I used copper-core, silver wire and the blue, silk necklace to showcase this large piece of seaglass:

 "Fabulous, Green Seaglass Pendant" is light-green and one of the smaller pieces in the collection, securely wrapped with copper-core silver wire and comes with a blue, silk cord. $22

"Beach Dreaming" small white pendant, wrapped in silver wire on a blue, silk cord $22 available on Etsy: 

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