Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Recent Commission!

A recent Commission: "Solid Gold Dancing Mangos"
A friend wanted something for her recently renovated kitchen and really liked a mini-painting of mangos that I had done previously but it was too small, so I decided to make a larger version of it for her.  I did the mangos first in three different colors, then the gold background with water-based acrylic paint and the black outlines were last. The picture doesn't really show how absolutely shiny the gold background is.  I like how free-flowing the mangos are, dancing to their own music and enjoying life!  Needless to say, she loved it~ aloha!


  1. Beautiful artwork Erika! I met you through my neighbor and friend Kathryn last Friday. Your blog is fabulous, I love the water colors! Aloha, Lani