Friday, April 20, 2012

Standup comedy at the Dragon Upstairs and Station Bar, Joe's cool shots, new paintings and and da Hawaiian Sea Turtle with the missing flipper

Happy April! Very excited about the 1st ever all-female comedy show in Hawaii that I am organizing, coming up 4/30/12 at the Dragon Upstairs, 8 pm. We'll have seven female comics performing that night. Please come out and see us if you'll be on Oahu! Good times at recent open mics lately at the Dragon and Station bars. Got an awesome, close-up picture of a colorful, gecko in our back patio and finished two new paintings, a shark commission and another one I plan to edit and use for our Female Comics of Hawaii logo. Joe took some fabulous underwater pics I had to share. I took some great pictures of a Hawaiian sea turtle who lost one of his flippers - it didn't seem to slow him down at all, he swam just as fast as turtles who had all their flippers, it was really inspiring to me. 

 The poster for the 1st ever all-female comedy show 

Erika performing at the Dragon Upstairs 

Open mic at Station Bar

 Photo by Joe Lohmeier

 Photo by Joe Lohmeier

My shark commission - sold! "Solid Gold Mako Shark" 

Our 'lil gecko friend 

My little turtle friend lost a flipper but that didn't slow him down! 

The Female Comics of Hawaii logo-in-progress

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A NEW look for an old painting, Kaimana and a sailboat race at Tonggs' Beach

NEW look for an older painting, I re-did the background, what ya think? "Octopai Party" ~ 18" x 24" watercolor and water-based acrylic. Original available, email me if interested: and a scenic day watching the sailboat races at Tonggs' Beach~ lucky I live hawaii!

Perfect day at Kaimana Beach 

Walkway to Tonggs' Beach 

We saw a sailboat race!  A windy day 

My favorite pic!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

A hike to Kaena Point via Mokuleia and a great Joe's birthday party

Having lots of fun this spring-break-furlough-staycation!  We hiked to Kaena Point via Mokuleia side one day and ran into a sleepy monk seal and some beautiful albatrosses. Then we had a jam party for Joe's birthday at the house, at one point there were dueling cellos, ukulele, harmonicas, bass and guitars as well as a ton of awesome food~ I'll say it again, lucky we live Hawai'i 


 Hawaiian Monk Seal

Joe's panorama at the end of the hike 

Hawaiian Monk Seal napping on the beach 

Coral from snorkeling one of the lagoons 

Tower at the end of the hike

Yummy meal Joe made, salmon and shrimp with green beans and rice 

Did well at Indigo open mic wed nite ~

Joe won this huge bottle of wine at a contest at work, so we thought we would open it for the party 

Mr. Maowell (rhymes with towel) hung out at the party 

One awesome birthday jam! 

 Comedy friends came to the party!

Of course there was harmonica 

Dueling cellos!

Happy Birthday, Joe! You keep getting younger to me ;)