Monday, March 26, 2012

Waimanalo and Queen's Surf Cafe & Lanai

What a fabulous sunday! First, Joe and I drove to Waimanalo to boogie-board the fabulous, small waves there. It was cloudy when we got there but soon the sun came out - love the gorgeous blue-green of the ocean, we've both been so busy we haven't been out there in a while and we caught some great waves! Then later, I went to see Diane Rubio and Buck Giles and their wonderful Hawaiian music band at Queen's Surf Cafe & Lanai. Steel-guitar, bass, guitar and ukulele by the setting sun, Ahhhhh! lucky I live Hawaii~

Rabbit Island, headed to Waimanalo

Awesome small waves for me!

 Joe's portrait of both of us (I think he just wanted a pic of my ass, hahaha!)

Yes, the water really is that color~ portrait of my Joe, what a cutie! 

Joe, looking like a movie-star here!

 Queen's Surf Cafe & Lanai

Lars showed up to see the band

The band was awesome, I love the sound of steel-guitar especially, it sounds magical to me!

Gorgeous sunset

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Queens, Tongg's beach and the Spring Mini-Painting Sale!

Hi All!
I spent some time this weekend at Tongg's and Queen's beaches and got some great shots. I also finished up four mini-paintings, which I am putting here as a special, spring sale! Usually $50, I am selling them for $25+ ship til the end of March. Email me if interested here: Coming up next, I am getting ready for my two Female Comics of Hawaii gigs at the Dragon Upstairs 4/30 and 5/28 and making hand-painted pre-sale tickets to sell and will be posting about my next craft project: making antique button bracelets! (love the ideas on Pinterest, follow me there if you join). Happy Spring, everyone!!

"Falling Rainbows"

"Happy Fish"

"The Cucumber Tree"

"The S Bird"

Queen's Beach 

Tongg's beach entrance 

Walkway to Tongg's beach

We were the only people there ;) 

 Morning shade

Watching the ships go by 

 My student hubby, Joe finally got a 'lil surf

Saturday, March 10, 2012

NEW Turtle pics!

Some days I am luckier than others - on this day I saw TWO baby turtles at Kaimana beach and got some awesome pics (although the pic of the two of them together didn't turn out great) - they really do look like they are flying, such peaceful and gentle animals. And I am lucky I live Hawaii! The ocean heals ;)
Buy a turtle print here:

My favorite pic

 Turtle surfacing for air


"Space Flowers in a Vase"

This original is called "Space Flowers in a Vase" ~ 15" x 11" watercolor, original available. email me if interested: