Saturday, January 28, 2012

North Shore, Oahu~ Big waves!

Joe and I went on a day trip to the North Shore of Oahu today and saw some awesome, BIG waves at the famed Pipeline. A surf meet was cancelled because the surf was too big. Also too big for Joe to ride but great to see the incredible power of the ocean, it sure is humbling~

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Comedy at Indigo 1-25-12

Spending more time writing and performing comedy lately, these shots are from 1-25-12 at Indigo Restaurant's Opium Den Wednesday comedy showcase. We welcomed Teresa Sickels and Doug Wykoff from Power Up Comedy in Maui and they killed it. Also got pictures of the fabulous, Kristen Sprague. Looking forward to the first official gig of the Female Comics of Hawaii, stay tuned for details! Also in the works, comin' up: another jellyfish painting and a visit from mom. Staycation and a submarine ride~

Monday, January 16, 2012

A new painting, 16 necklaces, yellow fish and mama got some new shoes

Hi All~ 
2012 is already starting out to be fabulous!  I am organizing a bunch of gigs for our Female Comics of Hawaii group, more info. to come about that, finished a new painting, writing new comedy, have 16 necklaces currently for sale, auditioned for a comedy show and continue to do the Wednesday comedy showcase at Indigo Restaurant (8 pm every week $5 cover). At the end, meet some yellow friends I ran into one day, take in the view of our hike to the Makapu'u lighthouse and check out the shoes hubby Joe bought for me for Christmas from with my "Psychedelic Waterfall" painting on them, coolest sneaks I've ever owned.  Also a few shots of our 8th wedding anniversary~ Aloha!

  16 Necklaces available now (They are numbered 1-16 left to right in this pic)  Interested? email me for more detailed pics:  $35 for beaded necklaces, $20 for pendant necklaces. Made of seaglass, beads and shells. Valentine's Day is coming soon~

NEW painting: "Golden Psychedelic Flowers" ~ watercolor and water-based acrylic, 11" x 15", original available, email me if interested:

 Erika doing comedy at Indigo Restaurant's Opium Den 1-4-12

 Audition at Jazz minds for a comedy show 1-13-11 (yes, I DID audition on Friday the 13th, lol!)

Our favorite christmas ornament this year. I am currently working on a painting inspired by this 

Yellow friends at Kaimana

 Joe and I hiked the Makapu'u Lighthouse, awesome view!

Joe and I at the top! 

Celebrating 8 years of marriage at the Beach House restaurant in Waikiki, I love you, Joe!

Our anniversary sunset!

My favorite Christmas present from Joe, shoes I designed on Zazzle. That's my painting, "Psychedelic Waterfall" on them~