Thursday, June 30, 2011

Brand-New watercolor and water-based acrylic (the gold) paint abstract called: "Psychedelic Hawaiian Bird" ~ original is available, email me:  The bird is looking for a good home~ Aloha!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Two Abstracts for Your Monday~

Happy Monday, Everyone!  I am busy, busy lately, doing stand-up comedy, selling jewelry, working on a commission and a new abstract that should be done in a few days (all this on top of my regular day job, lol). This wednesday will be the debut of my 3 minute stand-up act at a bar downtown, wish me luck! (or a broken leg, like they say in the theater). Here are two, fabulous abstracts to tide you over til my new abstract emerges before this week's end~

"Jazzy Notes" (above) ~ Original available, or buy a print here:

"Psychedelic Balloons" ~ Original available

Friday, June 24, 2011

Turtles in the sea!

Nothing better on a summer afternoon than swimming with wild, Hawaiian sea turtles in the ocean near my house~ Lucky I live Hawaii! Here are four of my favorites:

Monday, June 20, 2011

Spiral Paintings!

I've done a few, cool spiral paintings in the past few years, I love the visual motion effect, here are a few examples, originals are all available. Email me here if interested:  ALOHA!

"Rainbow Spirals" (above)

"Spinning Spiral Flowers" (above)

"Spinning Spirals" (above)

"Green and Gold Spring Flowers" (above)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Fabulous Sunset and Two Abstracts for Sale!

Last Friday, I was walking to the restaurant in Waikiki where my husband works and captured these AWESOME pictures of the sunset. There is a saying here: "Lucky We Live Hawaii!" and it's so true! Such inspiring colors, you can see why my art is o colorful, lol.  Also check out two of my originals, "Fire Spirit" and "Flowers Trip"~ Aloha

Above, "Pink Waikiki Sunset", prints available here:

LOVE it when the water turns all pink and purple, very dreamy~

Above, "Fire Spirit", watercolor and pen on paper, original available

Above, "Flowers Trip", original available

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Coolest Kaleidoscope I've ever seen!

Check it out here, it's a WAY COOL interactive kaleidoscope, and be sure to move the mouse slowly:

Introducing "Leon the Leafy Dragonfish"

"Leon the Leafy dragonfish", original available now, email me if interested: or buy a print here from Fine Art America:

My Joe's 30th Punahou School Reunion

My Joe went to the same high school as Barack Obama, but he grad two years after him (1981) and this past weekend was Joe's 30th reunion. It was fabulous, starting at Punahou school with the alumnae Luau, and then classmate, Bitsey Kelley's house on Diamond Head the next day for a picnic and swim party at her gorgeous house right on the water. Come with me on this journey and check it out:

 Rainbow over Punahou school as soon as we got there!

 Big tents set up on the field, the Luau has begun~

Ono hawaiian food: lomi salmon, poi, chicken long-rice, squid luau, sweet potatos and haupia for dessert, so yummy!

Class of 1981 is lookin' good!

The palaka shirt and dress-clad hula dancers wowed everyone~

The next day at Bitsey Kelley's (Joe's classmate) Diamond Head house, waterfront on 'Mansion Row', wow, what a great place to hang out~

The picnic

Joe decided to take a dip in the ocean and got a picture of the big wave that got me wet!

The whole gang on the front lawn

Erika hanging out on the fabulous lanai~

Kamaaina living room

Such big windows, the whole house is so open and has lots of lava-rock detail~

Love the little touches in this awesome beach house, what a great shelf to display shells!

Panoramic view of the kids' water-balloon toss from the 2nd floor lanai ~ what a great view!

The view down 'Mansion Lane' - you can see Doris Duke, the late, tobacco heiress' house at the end. Jim Nabors also lives in this neighborhood

Joe and da boys - looking good, Everyone! No way are you old yet~

My favorite shot of us~

Joe in da water, chillin' out~

Gorgeous, Old Hawaii-style, Kamaina house ~ nice candles in the fireplace (not many houses in Hawaii have fireplaces)

Of course we got out the guitar and harmonica and jammed on some tunes for the crowd!

Joe showed off a little, doing his beer-bottle-as-a-slide trick~

Joe's high school buddy borrowed his other guitar and jammed with us~

A perfect ending to a great reunion!  I guess at the next one in five years, Joe will be a physical therapy assistant and I will be a self-supporting artist, looking forward to it, big changes are coming for us and we're READY!~

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Diamond Head is still Green!

We're having such wonderful breezy, easy, rainy weather here in Hawaii that the world here is VERY green (we like rain because usually it's SO very sunny all the time). Usually by June, Diamond Head is brown, brown, brown so it's been a real gift to see such greenness so late!  Here are some photos from my daily walk yesterday around Diamond Head and Kapiolani Park, enjoy!~

 Diamond Head (above)

Cool Banyan Trees!

 Kapiolani Park Fountain

Hula Girl Statue ~ I think I will do a hula girl painting SOON!

Shower Trees 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Three Abstracts for Wednesday

It's Wednesday, we're half-way through the week (hooray!) and I thought I'd post three of my favorite, original abstracts (originals are currently available for sale, contact me here: if interested). This weekend, I'm going to my hubby's 30th Punahou School high school reunion in Hawaii on the island of Oahu, which will be awesome!  He went to the same high school as Barack Obama, but graduated two years after the Prez did. Two days of festivities planned and we will partake in a Luau on campus, after party and picnic in a big, private mansion on Diamond Head the next day. Lots of the people he graduated with are current movers and shakers in Hawaii, so I am busily making extra business art cards to hand out (I make my own business cards), as well as finishing up my latest painting, stay tuned for details!

"The Trip Factory" - original, 18" x 24" watercolor and water-based acrylic on paper:

"The Groove" - 11" x 15" watercolor and water-based acrylic on paper

 "Tree of Life" - 18" x 24" watercolor on paper

Monday, June 6, 2011

54 of my watercolor paintings currently available now, check out the gallery:
Email me if interested:
Hope everyone had a great weekend! I went to the 1st Friday gallery walk with girlfriends (gotta LOVE a girls' night out!), so much music and art and fun, and a fabulous  wedding on the water at an ocean-front house on Sat. I love Hawaii, all the guests at the wedding got leis ~ Hope your week is simply fabulous!

Below:  "Bleeding Heart Lotus", original available now~