Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Happy Winter!

Happy Winter! This year has really flown by and The Female Comics of Hawaii group put on two more successful shows this fall: August 30th at Downbeat and October 11th at Hawaiian Brian's showroom, Crossroads. Both were well-attended and showcased Patrice Scott, Brandi Morgan, myself, Maryjane, Maura Sateriale, Porscha, Michelle Mak, Michelle Welch and Kendra Shine. Looking forward to our upcoming show December 6th back at Downbeat and working on putting together some outer-island shows for next year. Also hosted and performed in many open mics this fall - it's exciting how the Honolulu comedy scene has really blossomed in 2014. I enjoyed lots of beachtime this Fall & winter and had a mid-winter staycation, enjoy the pics and Happy Holidays!
               Aug 30 at Downbeat

               My secret hangout spot

          Hawaiian Brian's Crossroads
            Maura killin' it at Hawn B's

                   Fantastic crowd!

         Patrice, Maura and the awesome Stefmuzic Mariani Band, who played our break, nice to have music in the show!

               Porscha's hilarious set!

      Kendra was super-funny, great set

                      The door crew

             Cool mural on Kapahulu

                       Oh, Hawaii!

     Hosting Thursday Comedy Hospital

    Brandi hosting Cabana's in Waikiki

       Laulani Teale and Liko Martin at DH Cove Health Bar, sweet Hawaiian music!

                Queen's Surf Beach

       Sui's sunset (Makalei beachpark)

   The purple witch & pirate for Halloween

              Doris Duke's Shangri-La

             The hike to Shangri-La!

                 Kailua on staycation

            Attempting to play cello

                     Deanne's Bday

             North Shore big waves!

    Hippie Haole digereedoo player in tree

                     Eternity Beach

               Whole island SO green!

                  Sharon at Onstage

    The Pau Hana Blues Band@Onstage


              Joe's true fadda, Duke!

                   "Lava Flow" Original   watercolor/acrylic, 11" x 15", available. For inquiries about buying art, please email Erika at: swartzkopf@yahoo.com

     "Psychedelic Forest" ~ Original acrylic and watercolor, 15" x 11", available

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Digital Art

I really like creating digital art: a pink beach, a purple wave, multicolored storm clouds, colors not normally found in nature. Thanks to some new iphone apps I found, it's easier than ever to create cool pics. I like to create digital art because it's very different than painting & jewelry-making, more instant. It's like seeing the world in a brand-new, more colorful way~ Enjoy and Happy 4th of July! I am looking forward to a visit from mom in late July. Can't wait to see her!
Oahu people: Don't miss our next Female Comics of Hawaii show at our favorite venue, the Downbeat Diner Lounge on Saturday, August 30th, 8 pm~