Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ocean Staycation!

 Plenty of beach & boogie-board & snorkel time at Waimanalo and a secret beach near Diamond Head during my 2-week staycation and more to come~ Aloha! Looking forward to new and exciting adventures, comedy & art in 2013, join me:


My wonderful hubby Joe 

Rabbit Island 

Celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary at Buzz's Lanikai


Stairs down to Secret Beach

Dead eel we found along the way

Joe always takes the best panoramas

Unidentified creature

Low tide

Me 'n my Joe exploring the ocean together

Joe's underwater panorama

Sweeet staycation!

Mansions just over the wall

Great place for finding beachglass

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Rastapus is here!

My "Rastapus" (octopus/Rastafarian) original watercolor painting is done! And I have worked on two awesome digital art photos that I love, selling 8" x 10" photos of those and prints of the Rastapus on Fine Art America as well as the original. Email me here for details:

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jam Party BBQ!

Recovering from the fabulous jam party last night - grilled shrimp, steak, potato salad, cake, quiches and then we played awesome beautiful music!  3 guitars, cello, harmonica, violin = holiday season is here, even in this hot and humid Hawaiian weather. I'd like to order more of that, waiter~ Aloha!

Joe on guitar 

 Cello and Tina on violin, sweet!

Kim Marie and I 

Kevin on guitar and Maowell the cat even listened for a while

And of course harmonica! 

Awesome ono food!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kaimana Adventures

Spent last Friday and tonight,a monday after work, at Kaimana beach, both times had the beach just about to myself and saw an epic sunset from in the water and. October is cold elsewhere but it's nice 'n warm here in the islands. Lucky we live Hawai'i, eh?

 Panorama of Kaimana beach from the water

Daytime on a Friday, beach almos' to myself ;)

Pink clouds 

Tiki torches at twilight

 Sunset just as I got outta the water

Awesome pau hana swim!