Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Female Comics invade the Downbeat Diner Lounge!

A great show at the Downbeat Diner Lounge, a packed, standing-room only room! Six comics rocked the stage at the "Female Comics of Hawaii" show there last saturday, Oct 12th, 2013. Patrice Scott hosted the night and MaryJane, Kay Shine, Erika Swartzkopf, Michelle Mak and Cameo Lawrence performed hilarious sets. Our next show is Saturday, Nov. 9th on the Big Island at the Volcano Art Center 7-9 pm $10. Please come! 
Got to travel to Orlando Fla., visit mom and also do two comedy showcases there at Gregory's Comedy club in Cocoa Beach and the Bull and Bush Pub in downtown Orlando. Very interesting to see mainland comics perform, they inspired me!
And of course the obligatory Hawaii beach pictures, I never get sick of the beach...lucky we live here!

Playing around with underwater camera

 Cool art for Sale! 14.5" x 1 "Feather Spacebird" ~ Original watercolor

Maria George performs at the Bull & Bush pub in Orlando & more comics below:

Larry Fulford hosted the night at the Bull & Bush~

Adam Avitable hosting Gregory's           Comedy Club in Cocoa Beach
Awesome stage at Gregory's Comedy club~

Mom cheering me on before I got on the stage at Gregory's Comedy Club in Cocoa Beach, Florida~
Gregory's Comedy Club in Cocoa Beach, Fla~ Hosted by Adam Avitable
              Mom's cute cat, Misty
                Nick and Mom at home
           Me 'n Mom at her womens' club, luv her!!
Ok, another obligatory beach picture
           Obligatory flowers picture
Me 'n Joe, where we belong, in da ocean!
Cameo Lawrence killing it at Station Bar open mic nite~

Jellyfish Art for sale! 24" x 18" Original watercolor & acrylic~ Available!
Station Bar Open Mic Thurs nite comics~ open mic there every Thurs., signup 7:30. I host 2nd and 4th Thurs.

Come see us perform at Manifest on 10/16 in Chinatown~

    Our next big show on the Big Island!

      Required reading material, lol. Working my way through EVERY comedian biography there is~ A hui ho!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Female Comics of Hawaii at Adega Portuguesa, beach fun, turtles & colorful art

We had another excellent "Female Comics of Hawaii" gig at Adega Portuguesa restaurant on July 27th, 2013, the tenth Female Comics of Hawaii show I've put together myself in 15 months, so much fun!!. Bittersweet, too, because we knew the restaurant was gonna close the next week. The owner is gonna find another spot outside Chinatown, maybe even in Waikiki, which would be GREAT for us so stay tuned for more dinner comedy announcements, I also want to do more Hawaiian Brian's shows. I met some awesome turtles & played music with locals & ex-pat friends on the North Shore and went to Waimanalo & Queens Surf Beach a lot. We are planning to do a Female Comics of Hawaii show on the Big Island this winter, will share details on that soon: ROAD TRIP!!

      Snorkeling China Walls in Portlock
  Beautiful Waimanalo!
               Yummy veggie-fish stew!


                 Rabbit Island

             Queen's Surf Beach!
            Kapahulu walls~
   Kids jumping into China Walls in Portlock~
     Me 'n Donna at Joe's great new restaurant, Signature, happy hour rocks!
               Kids at China Walls

         Jumping in finally!

             Waimanalo rules!

           North shore turtles

     New original watercolor/acrylic painting 15" x 11", available "Psychedelic Cocktail"

   Aimee-Jane Baxa at our last Female Comics of Hawaii Adega show 7-27-13
The Female Comics of Hawaii show at Agega Pituguesa 7-27-13

  Turtle friend I met on the North Shore~
       He tried to kiss me!!! Whoah
    Cameo Lawrence at Adega 7-27-13

   Patrice Scott at Adega 7-27-13
  Me 'b Joe at Signature's happy hour

One of our hand-painted tix for our 7/27 Female Comics show

Midweek asked me to write a movie review, saw the "Heat" with Sandra Bullock, hilarious!!

      Megan found my 2nd and 4th Thurs open mic at Station Bar online, she was visiting from North Carolina and was awesome!

             Female Comics at Adega 7-27-13
     Joe jammin' on the North Shore

                  Underwater Joe!