Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Three Abstracts for Wednesday

It's Wednesday, we're half-way through the week (hooray!) and I thought I'd post three of my favorite, original abstracts (originals are currently available for sale, contact me here: if interested). This weekend, I'm going to my hubby's 30th Punahou School high school reunion in Hawaii on the island of Oahu, which will be awesome!  He went to the same high school as Barack Obama, but graduated two years after the Prez did. Two days of festivities planned and we will partake in a Luau on campus, after party and picnic in a big, private mansion on Diamond Head the next day. Lots of the people he graduated with are current movers and shakers in Hawaii, so I am busily making extra business art cards to hand out (I make my own business cards), as well as finishing up my latest painting, stay tuned for details!

"The Trip Factory" - original, 18" x 24" watercolor and water-based acrylic on paper:

"The Groove" - 11" x 15" watercolor and water-based acrylic on paper

 "Tree of Life" - 18" x 24" watercolor on paper

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