Friday, April 15, 2011

The 7 Lost paintings: "Psychedelic Underwater Make-Believe Mini-Garden " series

 So, I was cleaning out my closets last week and SURPRISE! I stumbled upon 7 forgotten paintings from three years ago - a much bolder period in my art. I got to work and added little touches and underwater backgrounds to them and now they look better than ever!  I have them listed as prints in my Fine Art America store: and they are also available as originals. Email me here if you are interested in buying an original:  Sometimes it pays to clean out your closets, yo never know when a treasure is lurking there!

The one one the left is called "Feather Spacebird"

The painting on the left is called "Hawaiian Warrior Mask", to me it evokes the feeling and strength of a Hawaiian Warrior mask, both bold and powerful and noble.

The painting above is called "Psychedelic Angel" - an angel form in repose, underwater, bold and beautiful, floating or swimming through the ocean~ Again, the original is available for purchase.

 The painting above is called "Psychedelic Ocean" ~ To me it captures the movement and motion of the Pacific ocean. forms suggesting seaweed and sea creatures, float and swim peacefully. The original is available for purchase, contact me at

The one above is titled: "Underwater Octopus" ~ an octopus form swims in a psychedelic sea of movement. Original available.

 The painting above is titled: "Underwater Psychedelic Bird" ~ A bird form swims in a sea of motion. The original is available currently.

The painting above is called: "Underwater Space Creature" ~ a space creature form inhabits the bottom of the ocean and incorporates the motion of the ocean! This original is also available, contact me if interested. Aloha!

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