Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Best Kaimana Beach Ocean Shots

I go swimming almost every day at a beach here on the island of Oahu called Kaimana Beach (also known as Sans Souci Beach). It's just a short walk from my house, and snorkeling in the ocean lets me decompress from my workday and check out what's going on underwater. This post is about what's going on above the water, and the golden light that bathes everything at sunset and creates magic:

 Here is some of my digital art (above), this one is called "Electric Blue Kaimana" ~ I love how the blues blend and the waves are tipped in light-blue. I've put this print on shoes and shirts over at my zazzle store: http://zazzle/swartzko and sell prints, gyclees and greeting cards of it here:

 The picture above is called, simply, "Kaimana Beach". To me, this is the quintessential Kaimana picture, perfect beach and ocean ~ prints available

 Love this shot with the sunset shining through the dinner cruise ship. Sunsets here can be explosive! Prints available:

 I was snorkeling one day and suddenly came across an outrigger canoe race, how lucky!  Enhanced the water purple and it became instantly magical! Prints available here:

 I love the clouds in this one (above), and the blue-green water actually IS that color, hard to believe, huh? Prints available here:

I love how the green of Diamond Head crater reflects in the water in this one (above) and how the reflection of the buildings suddenly becomes abstract in the water. prints available here:

Buildings appear wavy and abstract when reflected in the ocean (above)

 This is the wind sock that I swim to, it's a daily constitution and expecially nice in the winter and spring, when Diamond Head is really green~ Prints available here:

The natatorium is an ocean-front salt water swimming pool built as a memorial to World War I. It closed in the late 1970s due to safety concerns but remains today next to Kaimana Beach. The city doesn't have the money to either demolish or fix it up. My husband remembers swimming there in the 70s~

The golden light in the ocean bounces off and bathes everything in a fabulous glow! Lucky I live Hawaii ;)Prints available here through Fine Art America:

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