Friday, April 8, 2011

 Aloha, All! 
I wanted to do a post that showcases my use of gold, water-based acrylic paint, as featured prominently in my sea creatures series. The names include a 1970s disco-influence. The painting at the left is called "Sunny Side-Up Jellyfish" and the original is available. There really is a freaky-looking jellyfish that looks like this. I was so intrigued, I had to do my version of it!

 The Painting at the right is called "Solid Gold Seahorses". The gold paint really shines on the seahorse paintings in particular, and really shimmers against the regular-watercolor background. Here they are playfully swimming along, carefree in the Hawaiian ocean. The original is sold but you can buy a print here:

The painting above is called "Solid Gold Dancers" ~ a friend pointed out that the two seahorses on the left look like they are dancing together, while the one on the right is in his own world, dancing to his own beat. This original is sold but prints are available here:

 And then we have "Seymour" the Stingray", an even bolder take on the gold paint! Original is sold but buy a print here:

 The painting above is my grand, seahorse masterpiece, called "Penelope the Seahorse" ~ the original has sold but a photo of it was featured in the January/February issue of Real Word magazine this year, a big acheivement to have my work published in a magazine. I am also selling images of it on cell-phone cases, t-shirts and other products in my Zazzle store:

 The painting above is called "Fast Freddie the Octopus". I wanted to do a painting with a really, large octopus to showcase the gold paint against the watercolor background even more. This original has sold but prints are available here: http//

And finally, "Solid Gold Jellies", drawn straight from my crazy, yet very fertile imagination, one of the earlier gold, sea creature paintings. This original is also sold but prints available here:
Not everyone knows that I also do painting commissions, so if you have your own ideas of what you want in a painting, please let me know. People have been very satisfied with the commissions they bought from me, and I am more than willing to work together to give you what you want to make the world a more colorful, happier place.

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