Saturday, December 24, 2011

A jam party at our house and Christmas eve day on the reef

With visions of Pennsylvania small-kid days and snow in my head, the water was unusually  clear and beautiful over at Queen's beach today. I used to dream of going to a warm beach in the winter and now I can do just that - I snorkeled around the jetty and found some cool-looking yellow and black fish. Had a Christmas gathering at our house last night, so much great food and music, and awesome conversation, so little time. Fun that both comedians and musician-friends showed up. We will have to do it again and invite more people:   MELE KALIKIMAKA! May all your wishes come true in 2012 (and mine, too ;)

Donna, Lucille and me~

 The set-up

 Chuck Priest played some awesome guitar

 Rhett Butler was there enjoying the music!

 Grant, Joe, Tina, Kim Marie and I jammed late

 Cool pic of Grant and Joe in the "zone"

 Best little Charlie Brown christmas tree ever (and he will live outside til next year just fine)

Queen's Beach

 Snorkeling around the pier

 A happy couple

 The jetty at Queen's

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