Thursday, December 15, 2011

Comedy at Onstage and Indigo, December 12th and 14th

Howzit, blog Fans? Christmas is gettin' closer and there's comedy all over the place. Monday 12/12/11, I did my 10 mins. of comedy between the the Pau Hana Blues Band at Onstage Drinks and Grinds, which went great! Wednesday 12/14/11, myself and the comics of did a show at Indigo Restaurant, which will be EVERY wed. from here on in, check out the pics, everyone did awesome~ Excited for the Kehau Jackson show this Saturday at Sharkey's in the Princess Kaiulani Hotel, she is a Hawaii ex-pat who moved to Australia and is in a successful, improv group called the "Three Stuffed Mums". I've been wanting to meet her for 6 months, Andy Bumatai introduced us via Facebook shortly after I started to do stand-up and we've been corresponding ever since - go Female Comics of Hawaii! Please, everyone, join my Facebook group, we can use all the supporters we can get, please join here:

Me at Indigo

Me at Onstage

 Michael C. Hall

 Johnny Sparkles

 Powell C.

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