Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hau'oli Makahiki Ho and North Shore fun!

Happy New Year! (Hau'oli Makahiki Ho) - 
I hope you all had an awesome year, my year was one of the most challenging and rewarding yet. I got up on stage and did stand-up comedy for the first time way back in June, thanks to Andy Bumatai giving me those first three minutes on stage at the Dragon Upstairs! Also a big shout-out and thanks to Michael C. Hall and James Mane for believing in my comedy, letting me continue to perform every week and giving me really good advice. Another thank you to all the comics, what an awesome group you are and I am proud to have met you all this year is the place to find out about all Oahu comedy! 
 I completed many awesome watercolor paintings (almost one a week!) and started this blog back in March right after our glorious trip to the island of Kauai, where we found the most awesome waterfall on the planet. We moved house from Monsarrat to a bigger one on Kapahulu, and adopted a new cat named Maowell, who is trying his best to make friends with our other cat, Lush. My Joe got excellent grades, especially in the fall semester, when it was most challenging and we were having sewage problems in our new house (now fixed!) Leaving 2011 with extra confidence and some great pictures of the North Shore - hint: there are fabulous turtle pictures at the end~ ALOHA! Looking forward to new comedy, pictures, music and art in 2012, thanks for following so far and hope you'll continue on my journey with me. remember to think big!

 Me at Chun's Reef, North Shore of O'ahu

 Warning signs

 My 1st attempt at an "Elyse" beach drawing

 North Shore is just so photogenic

 Big waves at Rubber Ducky's by Three Tables beach!

 Joe took this awesome shot!

 Surfa' Joe!

 LOVE the Ironwood trees

Papailoa Beach

 Love this shot, sunbeam shooting straight at Joe!

 Interesting, SUPER-bright green algae at Papailoa beach

 Joe at Papailoa

 Joe takes the best pics of us

 Then, out of the blue, two sea turtles showed up and poked their heads outta the water

 And a third showed up!

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