Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A new painting, hiking to Aku Pons and the female Comics of Hawaii have a great night at the Dragon Upstairs

Hi All!  Finished a great, new, abstract Jellyfish painting, hiked to where Joe used to hang out as a kid, way back in Manoa valley, Aku Pons. Later that night, Teresa Sickels and Doug Wyckoff (host), performed at the Dragon Upstairs with me, Michelle Yaqoob, Cameo Lawrence, Sheila Brown, Aimee-Jane Baxa and KatieRose Moreno. We got a good crowd and everyone had a blast, let's do it again!

"Lily the Psychedelic Jellyfish" ~ watercolor, available now. Email me for price: swartzkopf@yahoo.com

 Our great poster, thanks to David Lee

 Erika performing at the Dragon upstairs 5-28-12

Teresa Sickels and Doug Wyckoff from Power up Comedy in Maui

The Honolulu Lounge Lizards Band: Lars Wallin, Stan Combis, DeWayne Valdez and Shane Andrade rocked the house for the Female Comics show!

Sheila Brown closed the night with an excellent set 

Teresa was hilarious!

Erika workin' hard at the door 

Michelle Yaqoob rocked her set 

Aku Pons hike

Spooky! This rock says some guy was killed here in 1890 

Doug, pondering nature 

The hiking gang 

BIG trees! 

My Joe 

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  1. Fantastic artworks, great blog!!! Thank you for sharing your beatiful world. Greetings from Australia.