Friday, June 8, 2012

Odds and Ends

Hi Everyone!
Been doing comedy open mics and showcases and have some COOL pics from Makua, hiking, beach and comedy that didn't make it into the last posts, check 'em out. Coming soon, a new painting, "The Psychedelic Tree" and more beach pics~ Aloha from Hawaii!!

 Me snorkeling at Makua Beach for the birthday campout - it's good to be 45!

Panorama of Makua from the water ~ Doesn't it kinda look like you are wearing a mask and snorkel? This is an undeveloped valley, no houses or buildings, it looks exactly the way it looked hundreds of years ago. The military used it for bombing practice for years until environmental groups stopped it (hopefully) for ever. Makua means "the parents" in Hawaiian. It's a really powerful place.

Erika performing in Mr. Aaron's Station Bar open mic 6-7-12

5-24-12 Performing in Mr. Aaron's open mic at Station Bar

Rabbit Island, East-side Oahu

Sweet, sweet Waimanalo! Love to boogie-board here~

Hiking in Manoa Valley at Aku Pons

Joe crossing the scary, plank bridge

Teresa strikes a pose by the big bridge

Joe having lunch at Queen's Surf Cafe and Lanai, their seared ahi rocks! Absolute best spot to watch the sunset, too~

Passing ship

The windsock I swim to at Kaimana Beach, seeing turtles along the way if I'm lucky!

Station Bar 6-7-12

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