Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Magical Makua!

I look forward to my Makua Beach birthday campout SO much every year!  Honolulu people live in a very crowded city, and the west side is full of wide-open, gorgeous beaches, the complete opposite, thank goodness. This year the gate was locked but it didn't stop us! We parked in the parking lot to the left of the gate where all the fishermen park. They left a few hours after we got there, and we had ALL of Makua beach to ourselves this time, what luck, about 25 people came out. And because there was no moon, we saw (what it seemed like) a billion stars shining above us, far from the lights of the city, so amazing! We had enough wood for a raging bonfire and people played music all night long. In the morning, no dolphins but we did see awesome fish as we snorkeled. Then we played some more music with breakfast. Pure paradise! Enjoy the pics:

 Awesome sunset!
Joe's cool underwater shot 

The new, tie-dyed thigh-high socks were a hit 

 My wonderful Joe!

Rainbow outta the blow hole 

The whole gang minus about 5 who didn't get in the picture or who left early - Good thing I have such great friends!  Makua 2012 rocked, thanks to everyone who came out this year!

Hey, the "Pray for Sex Rock" no longer sez it!

My favorite shot

Great music in the am, thanks Mark!

Erika got to play some harp 

Check out the orbs!

Another cool rainbow!

The only campers on the ENTIRE beach, yeeee haaaa!!  See you there next year ;)

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