Monday, September 24, 2012

Hi All!
I've been doing lots of stand-up comedy, gearing up for my 1st mainland comedy performance at Bonkerz Comedy club in Florida Oct. 4th. 
Gus Downes is doing an open mic over at the Greenhouse Innovation Hub every Friday on Auahi st, Station Bar with Aaron Pughes every first and third Thursdays. I also got a chance recently to see the Na Ali'i of Comedy: Andy Bumatai, Frank Delima, Mel Cabang and Augie T. at the Pagoda hotel. The guys that started local, pidgin comedy here in the 1970s are as funny as ever! Go see them in their mainland, Oahu or outer island shows if you can. I performed in the first "Women Run This" show at the Bambu Two Martini Bar on Bethel st. in chinatown. This show combined music, poetry and comedy and the talent there that night was amazing! The fact that my favorites Bridget Gray the poet and Taimane Gardner the ukulele virtuoso were also in it made it even better.
I've had some fabulous beach days and swims,  and did a new abstract mini-painting called "Space Creature". Writing lots of comedy leaves less time for art, but I manage to do it anyway. This Christmas I will have two weeks off from my dayjob and I think a lot of art will spring from that, looking forward to Fall and Winter in Hawaii on this 1st day of Fall, it's awesome, still warm, still incredibly inspiring, bursting with life with rainbows you couldn't imagine were really there~

Erika performing comedy at Bambu 2 Martini bar as part of the Women Run This show of poetry, music and comedy on 9-22-12. Photo by Edub Photography, I just love this one!

Post-show glow!

Mini-painting 8.5" x 5.5" ~ "Space Creature", watercolor and pen, available. email me for details and price:

 You get some funny expressions when friends try to take pics of you doing comedy, lol, here's one from the Station Bar open mic

Kaimana Beach misty day

Bambu Two Martini Bar, a classy place in Chinatown. 

 Queens Beach
Taimane Gardner performed at our show, she is such an awesome musician! 


Sometimes it even rains at Kaimana Beach - but not for long!

Queens Beach

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