Sunday, September 9, 2012

Guys with Issues comedy show at Hawaiian Brian's

Went to an awesome comedy show last nite, the "Guys with Issues" show at Hawaiian Brian's on 9-8-12. All the comics killed it, got pics of a few. I was very impressed how smoothly the show went and what a great crowd they had, everyone got lots of laughs. Great job, James Mane, Russell Kealoha and Jonny Sparkles, you put together a fantastic show and I look forward to the next one!

Teresa Sickels before the show 

Guys with Issues, Jonny Sparkles, James Mane and Russell Kealoha 

Teresa Sickels killed it, so awesome! 

Paul Kane was awesome as usual 

Jonny Sparkles was hilarious 

The lead funny man, himself, James Mane 

The whole crew at the end, Cee Lo made a special appearance and Kaleo Naiga and David Lee also performed. What a fantastic show!


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