Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Female Comics at the Dragon Upstairs 8-27-12

We had a fabulous show at the Dragon Upstairs in Chinatown in downtown Honolulu last night on 8-27-12. Seven great female comics performed and a band. Our Maui friends Doug Wyckoff (host) and Teresa Sickels performed from Power Up Comedy. Headliners were the awesome Sheila Bown and Su Yates. The place was completely packed and I have decided to get a bigger venue for the next show, stay tuned!

Erika does her set 

Teresa Sickels from Power Up comedy in Maui killed it!

Susanne Sims, aka Sue Sylvester, was awesome 

A packed crowd 

Sheila Brown was great! 

Thanks so much to hubby, Joe Lohmeier for helping me at the door 

Honolulu Lounge Lizards band rocked out! 

Erika got to jam harmonica on a song with the band at the end

Su Yates ended the night with a great set! 

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