Sunday, August 5, 2012

Kaimana fish, a new painting and a summer jam party

Got some awesome pics of a surgeonfish at Kaimana Beach, finished a new abstract painting, performed comedy at the open mic at Station Bar 8-2-12 and hosted a fabulous summer jam party at our Kapahulu house. How is it August already? Two of our favorite bands showed up to jam, the Honolulu Lounge Lizards and Troubadour Trio, or the Troubadour lizards! Life is good~ Aloha~



comedy at Station Bar 8-2-12 

What a nice jam! Thanks to Stan, Shane, Linda, Kevin, Tina, Eli, Jeremy and Lars. Joe and I were blown away by all the great music ;)

The rhythm section: Lars on Bass and Eli on congas 

Lounge Lizards Shane, Stan and Lars 
Psychedelic shot by Joe. Me and Diane ;)

Joe tending the fire in our secret garden in the back 

Always love it when there's both cello and fiddle! Tina Bobeana rocked the fiddle and joe was inspiring also.

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