Friday, November 25, 2011

1st meeting of FCOH, BIGGEST Comedy crowd at the Dragon, Purple Jellyfish and a new abstract watercolor!

Hi All! Lots has been happening lately: We had the 1st physical meeting of the Female Comics of Hawaii group at the Hau Tree Lanai restaurant on 11/20/11 and have a bigger meeting scheduled for next month and all kinds of cool plans in the works, stay tuned! The biggest crowd yet showed up at the Dragon Upstairs on Wed., 11/23/11 and the comics and I rocked the house, there was 70 people at the height of the night due to two of the comics leaving the island. Joe and I ate Thanksgiving lunch at his parents in Kaimuki, then walked/biked to the beach and found an interesting, purple jellyfish swimming around, we weren't sure what it was, actually!

 First meeting of the Female Comics of Hawaii, Kristen Sprague and Erika Swartzkopf

 Biggest crowd at the Dragon upstairs yet~ 70 people at the height of the night! SO much fun

 My Joe got to come out and see me perform!

 Comic, Grant Uchida wowed the crowd with his Thanksgiving song!

 Friends Eli and Tina came out to see me perform

 Getting ready to go up on stage!

 My set - Quite a challenge with loud, military guys in the audience but I did all right

 The host with the most, Anthony Nigrelli

The banyan tree near Queens' beach, where we snorkeled Thanksgiving Day

 Joe the biker!

 Erika at Queen's beach

 The mysterious, purple Jellyfish we found (not sure if it even WAS a jellyfish, lol). That's why I LOVE snorkeling, you never know what you'll find next.

"Banyan Tree Dream" - My newest watercolor and water-based acrylic (the gold part)~ available now!

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