Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Makua Campout 2011

Joe and I set out to go, car all packed with tent and sleeping bags, cooler filled with drinks and food and Joe's surfboard (ya never know if there's gonna be surf!)

The valley was SO green when we got there from recent, heavy rains, it seemed like wintertime 

Pretty soon the gang got there and started to play music and get settled and put up tents.

Cocktail time!

 The big picture!

Fortunately, someone left us some wood! (and others in our group brought some, too).

And Darryl and Malia's dog, Woof had fun looking for little crabs in the sand~

Great place to have a birthday!

A fabulous sunset, I like how the red reflects on the sand.

 Joe put together a crew that started the fire.

 SUCH a big moon, almost full and you could see many, many stars, too.

 So much awesome music was played: Scarlett Begonias/Fire on the Mountain, Dear Prudence, Dark Star, Wish you Were Here and the list goes on... five guitars, harmonica, cello, sitar, celtic harp, drums and ukulele were played and people were still playing as the sun came up!

Not your typical fireside instruments, but my friends are classy that way~

 About 60 people made it out this year, not every one stayed over but lots of people showed for the group shot the next morning~ The 2011 Erika and Cynthia's Birthday Makua official group shot. I couldn't have asked for better friends than these!

The ocean was so crisp and clear the next am. We saw dolphins from a distance but they left when a boat showed up, so we weren't able to swim with them this time - next year!

Til next year! (or maybe before that, hmmmmm)

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  1. wow, what a celebration of your birth!! looks like good times :)