Sunday, May 12, 2013

Makua birthday Campout 2013~

We went camping for the yearly Erika and Cynthia's birthday Makua. Got there and managed to get the spot closest to the parking lot, saw anamazing rainbow in the valley that stayed for an hour! Rainy but Cynthia had a tarp and we were right next to a big tree. Then our tent poles broke, oops! We watched a fantastic sunset, played lots of great music and it suddenly got calm and clear, so much so that Joe broke out his cello, everyone jammed and the stars were so bright they looked fake and huge. A very dark night when you can see not only every star in the sky, but satellites, too! Chris and Gary made a great fire and there was enough firewood to last til morning and while Joe and I slept in the car, they jammed all night long~ Beautiful Makua, such blessings, same as it ever was~

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  1. Wow, Happy Birthday. May your adventure continues happily for many more!

    Aloha, Sweetie