Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Florida and comedy

Hey All - Got back from my trip to Florida, so much fun and so good to see mom! She seems to be getting younger, judging from the skinny jeans! Joe and I saw the Buck Giles and Friends band on the Beach at Queen's Surf Beach and Lanai when I got back, they were really good! Also saw the most awesome sunset that night, reminding me just why I live here in Hawaii. Performed at Hawaiian Brian's on 10-16-12 to a small but appreciative crowd~ Aloha!

Mom rocking the skinny jeans at age 73, way cool! 

Greenhouse open mic 

Old pic of Daddy and me, 1969, pulled from mom's photo albums 

Me, mom and Dad, 1969 at the beach house we rented for a few weeks every summer in Stone Harbor, N.J.  

Buck Giles & Friends band at Queen's Surf Beach and Lanai 

Buck Giles and Diane Rubio. They play there every sunday night 5:30-7:30 pm, check 'em out!

Epic sunset and tiki torches at twilight

 Performing at Hawaiian Brian's Mr. Aaron Presents show 10-16-12

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