Thursday, February 2, 2012

Academy of Arts and Comedy Night at Indigo

Had a wonderful day yesterday visiting the Honolulu Academy of Arts with Joe's parents. Later that evening, mom and Nick and I had dinner at Indigo Restaurant in downtown Honolulu's chinatown and then stayed for's Comedy Night there. Mom and I both performed! She gets the distinction of being the oldest person to ever perform comedy there, and she was pretty funny! Everyone else was awesome as usual and Sheila Brown performed for the first time, too, and was great! hopefully we'll see more of her soon.

 Erika and mom, Diane, Honolulu Academy of Arts

 Erika's favorite sculpture in the museum, circa 1968

 Arriving at Indigo's in Chinatown, downtown Honolulu

My fav picture of us!

 Awesome dinner at Indigo's Restaurant

 Mom got up and told two great jokes she wrote herself about her travels to China, it was great!

 A true performer!

 Then Erika got up and did her set

 Then Sheila Brown got up there and killed it! Keep it up, Sheila ;)

Michael C. Hall wowed 'em as usual but with some great, new material!

 Then headliner, Jhonny Rox Hollywood, got up there and did great!

Someone was watching over Jhonny, check out the huge orb on his head! 

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