Thursday, August 18, 2011

More Stand-up Comedy

I rocked the comedy open-mike last night at the Dragon Upstairs again with a Facebook/Library set, hooray!  It's been a month since I performed so I was a little nervous, but killed it!  Boy, am I hooked.  Everyone liked my set and cheered and laughed.  In these rough economic times, laughter is sometimes the best medicine~ Here is an exerpt from my set and some photos:

"Hi, my name is Erika Swartzkopf and I’m the tallest blondest Haole you’ll ever see here in Hawaii.  I’m originally from the mainland, where I was 6 feet tall. Here in Hawaii I’m 8 feet tall. You people have some SHORT, dark people here, I’m not kidding! My husband doesn’t need a flashlight, we can see our way by the light of my glow-in-the-dark hair!  I can lose my Filipino husband in a large crowd of Asian people 10 feet away. He will be 10 feet away and completely disappear: “Whoosh! He’s gone.” Meanwhile, he can see me at least 2 miles away “Oh, there she is, I can see the blond head!”

Any facebook fanatics, I mean addicts, in here? You know, I’m running a support group for FB addicts: we meet every day on FB from 1-12 pm and discuss things, it’s working REALLY well for me, I am SOOOO much better now!! 
Facebook is the only place where people can talk to a wall and not be considered a loser! (goes over to wall near stage and talks to it with face really close: "So how ya been?") You can write on a wall and not be considered a graffiti artist. In the news lately, there was an article about a hacker group vowing to destroy Facebook. That’s one way to get Zuck to hire you!..."

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