Friday, July 29, 2011

The New House and a friend's Memorial~

Hi All!  We have emerged from moving our house finally, Hooray!  It was kinda funny (well, NOW it is, lol) that I woke up last Saturday morning, the day we were supposed to move the big furniture with a raging eye infection. I couldn't wear my contacts because my eyes were so irritated, so I tried to find my glasses (packed up in any one of TEN boxes, accckkk!)  Finally found them and the rest of moving went pretty smoothly and by the end of the day, I had everything unpacked and decorated, check out the cool pics, I think we will be very happy here in the Kapahulu house:

Living Room

Kitchen area

Living Room

Our Bedroom

Spare Room

My husband and I also played music at a friend's memorial on what would have been her birthday. Sad, yet fitting because so many people came out and played music or came just to honor her and she would have loved it. We will never forget you, Maggie!!  It sure makes you put into perspective the little, bitty problems of everyday life when compared to fighting cancer. Life is fleeting, so enjoy it!. Here are some pictures of us playing:

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  1. Hi Erika! I enjoyed cruising through your blog! It looks like you have a wonderfully creative environment, both outdoors and in! I am jealous, but I have been painting full time doing a lot of plein air work the past few months, so I am really appreciating where I currently live in Northern Indiana. If you have any more of the sea glass pendants left could you let me know? One of my friends loves that kind of thing and she has a birthday coming up in December. You can email me at: Thanks so much, Diane Overmyer