Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The painting of mine at the left is called "Kaleidoscopic  Adventure"~ I based it on the idea of a pinwheel spinning, bright colors and gold flashing, moving, moving, moving. I find it interesting in art how to depict movement in painting where there is none, the illusion of a kaleidoscope creating shapes but never static. It can be hung four different ways and should be framed so it can be easily changed, thus creating four different, separate outlooks. Change is certain in this lifetime, the earth is changing (we can tell by the recent earthquake) and so are we - art should be changeable, too, don't you think? Buy this original for $170 or a print of it here: http://erika-swartzkopf.artistwebsites.com  Big Alohas!


  1. Beautiful colors! I remember my kaleidoscope from when I was a kid. I loved that toy.. the designs were mesmerizing and always changing. Your painting reminds me of that:)

  2. So beautiful Erika. I love it. It would be cool if you could hang it on a rotating frame/stand so that it could be (gently) pinwheeled.