Sunday, March 27, 2011

So we stumbled upon a Psychedelic Waterfall one day on Kauai...

 So a friend who lives on Kauai mentioned this fabulous waterfall hike to us. We went a few days ago and it was absolutely stunning so I decided to make the photos into some digital art, I like how the red looks like lava and how the greenery around the waterfall blends into so many colors.

Our friend's dog, Dee-Oh-gee came along for the adventure!

This one I call "Waterfall Mana", Joe soaking up the power of the waterfall~
The one above looks like my husband Joe is running away from the lava waterfall~
Our 2011 Christmas card for sure above~
I like how many colors are in the purple one above.
                                            A little abstract waterfall fun above!
"Waterfall Wonderland"~ buy a print:


  1. Love them! I absolutely love waterfalls. So beautiful. Going to send you a private message with our address, we must be added to the Christmas Card list this year!